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My story

Hello beautiful people! I am Zoey & my life is a beautiful bond of healthy living, yoga doing, happy being and enjoying every moment it brings me. My story begins when I started my teenage years and had a lack of confidence because of my looks, especially because I had a severe acne problem. Acne is one of the biggest and most widespread problems in Western countries that more than half of teenagers and also many adult women and men have to deal with. But it is not just an aesthetic problem, it is a mental problem too. It can cause a lot of insecurities, sadness, even depression. When it first started I thought I could handle it, but after a while it got worse and I was devastated. My confidence was ruined. I tried EVERYTHING! From every single dermatologist treatment, antibiotik, you name it! It didn’t go away.

When my mother first implemented a macrobiotic diet, it kinda stuck in my family. Then her cooking became a lot better and we started to enjoy it even more. At that time my acne was worse. I started reading a lot about health, sport, yoga, happiness and self-development and decided I was going to do something about my condition. The thing about acne is that it is an inner problem (like any other health condition). It is a consequence of your diet and lifestyle.

Bet you didn’t know that!
So, remember when you eat that chocolate cupcake full of sugar, a hot dog, pancakes, sandwich…It all comes back in the form of acne. So say hello to that delicious but unhealthy chocolate on your face! The way to stop acne, on the other hand, is to start making a change in your diet and lifestyle.

Acne was not the only problem I had. I had heart arrhytmia, hormonal imbalance, constant headaches, a continuous rash that appeared on my legs, back and arms,  fatigue, lack of confidence and dissatisfaction with myself. And one problem led to another problem.

In all my researches I found out about a lot of holistic doctors and their methods of treatment. I went through many body detoxication programs; I cleaned my liver, my lungs, my colon, skin (basically my whole body). I changed my entire diet, started training extensively, started doing yoga, which helped me a lot. And then changes started to happen : My skin has started to clear by itself, my body started to change, cellulite and fat started to dissapear & I am fully rested all the time! I no longer have heart arrhytmia nor skin problems. I am more than happy about how I look and feel today. But it has been a long and tough journey. I always love to think life has been good to me, but that is just how I sort things out in my head. I have always been happy and positive and I know that, because of that, I managed to handle everything life has brought me.

I want to share my stories and experiences with you because I can say I learned a lot in my short life. I am a young woman, but life(and a lot of books!) have brought me to some places which showed me things, taught me about health, happiness, self development and every-day-motivation. If you need help and don’t know how to solve some health or beauty problem, life problem, if you need motivation or simply want to change your lifestyle and way of thinking this is the place to be. So come with me on a journey to a happy, healthy & beautiful life that everyone of you deserves!




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