Facts about me :

  • My name is Zoya( Zoey ) Begovic and I am 19 years old.
  • I am originally from Croatia but I like to think the whole world is my home since I use every moment I can for travelling.
  • I speak Croatian, Serbian, English, & can communicate in Italian, Spanish and German but I can’t say I speak them so well like English hehe
  • Hopelessly in love with nature, food, yoga, travel, art, fashion, music, photography
  • I’m a big advocate of healthy and happy living.
  • My favorite season is Summer because I feel a deep connection with the sea and I’m the happiest when I have the sun, beach, sand, bikinis, tanned skin and fresh watermelon!
  • I have a younger brother.
  • I am attending yoga classes from 2014.
  • My favorite type of music is :   Indie-Rock,  Neo soul,  Psy-Trance, Deep House.
  • I use Canon EOS 700D and my I-phone for all my photos
I always wanted to share my adventures and my daily routines with people and communicate through pictures, so the fact that I finally made this blog is making me so happy!
Lots of love people,
XX Zoey


  1. Mnogo mi se dopada tvoj blog! Originalan je i pun pozitive! Osećam good vibes totalno… Nakon toliko istih fešon blogerica koje neprestano vidjam po instagramu s tim prenaduvanim blogovima, otvorim tvoj i bam! Ostavio je dojam, odusevio me… Slike i opisi su predivni… Ako odlucis da nastavis sa tim, mislim da ce tvoj blog biti mnogo uspesan! Želim ti mnogo sreće!
    P.S. Za vikend isprobavam kokosovu tortu!!! 😀



    • Jao hvala puno, bas si me razveselila s ovim lijepim rijecima. Hvala ti i nadam se da cu i uspjeti. I javi kako je ispala torta! Pusaa, Z :**


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