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Healthy Banana Pancakes

Yes, I am obsessed with sweets. Aghhh I just can’t help myself!  But that’s why I found the solution. I make them healthy! Hope you’re ready guys, this is a quick one! You will need : 3 bananas 6 eggs 2 tablespoons gluten-free flour ( coconut, almond, millet…whatever you like) 200 mL almond or coconut milk Note : This amount is for 3 portions   Mix all ingredients until smooth. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, and turn each side when it’s brown. When you’re done, just pour honey, maple or agave syrup over them, and serve with fruits, jam or apple and mango purée ( THE BEST!) Thank  you for your existence pancakes. Hope you’ll enjoy! Kisses, Z

My story

Hello beautiful people! I am Zoey & my life is a beautiful bond of healthy living, yoga doing, happy being and enjoying every moment it brings me. My story begins when I started my teenage years and had a lack of confidence because of my looks, especially because I had a severe acne problem. Acne is one of the biggest and most widespread problems in Western countries that more than half of teenagers and also many adult women and men have to deal with. But it is not just an aesthetic problem, it is a mental problem too. It can cause a lot of insecurities, sadness, even depression. When it first started I thought I could handle it, but after a while it got worse and I was devastated. My confidence was ruined. I tried EVERYTHING! From every single dermatologist treatment, antibiotik, you name it! It didn’t go away. When my mother first implemented a macrobiotic diet, it kinda stuck in my family. Then her cooking became a lot better and we started to enjoy …